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Plastic Free Lunches

Easy, affordable ways to make your packed lunch waste free

Single-serving snack packs, zip-top plastic bags, yogurt cups, juice boxes, paper lunch sacks—the waste generated in schools and offices during lunchtime is mind-boggling. In fact, estimates indicate a school-age child …

Recycling Is Not the Answer to Plastic Pollution

Main takeaway from our tour of the recycling center: Stop using so much stuff.

When 350 Fairfax did the tour of the recycling center where most of Fairfax County’s recycling goes, I was excited because I had been curious about …

Plastic Free in the Bathroom

3 Convenient, Inexpensive Ways to Cut Plastic from Your Bathroom Routine

We at 350 Fairfax would like to make Plastic Free living as accessible as possible. During the Plastic Free Challenge, we’ll focus on widely available, low-cost alternatives to …

Plastic Free Forum Follow-up

Personal, Community, and Legislative Solutions to Plastic Pollution

We had a great turnout at the Plastic Free Forum on September 22 at the Great Falls Library! More than 60 Northern Virginia residents came to learn about reducing their plastic use …

Prepping for the October Plastic Free Challenge

Giving up single-use plastics can be a fun challenge, and it’s a great way to feel like you’re a part of the solution—every day!

School is back in, so as usual, my mom friends and I got together for coffee …