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Plastic Bag Fee Now

In the 2020 legislative session of the General Assembly,  Virginia finally passed  a bill allowing municipalities to write an ordinance placing a 5 cent fee on single use plastic bags at grocery store, drugstores and convenience stores.

Our nearby neighbors …

Is It Personal or Corporate Behaviors That Need To Change?

There is an ongoing debate in some environmental circles about whether we need to change our personal behavior to combat climate change, or if we need to stop blaming the victim and reform corporate behavior.

We all agree on one …

Why we should use reusable bags

Lately, I have been hearing about people questioning whether reusable bags are really better than single use plastic bags for the environment. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to present some facts about the issue.

When you look …

No more plastic bags for yard waste in Fairfax County!

On Tuesday, February 24th the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to adopt an amendment to the county’s solid waste management ordinance that would prohibit the use of plastic bags for yard waste.  A wonderful step in the right …

ACTION ALERT: Tell your delegate to support the Styrofoam ban bill

The 30-day 2021 General Assembly session starts today, January 13. And with only two weeks to hear bills in committee and on the floor before crossover, the House is starting hot.

We expect House Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee …

What We’re Working on in 2021

Haven’t made it to a general meeting in a while? Wondering what we’ve been working on and how you can help? Here is what you’ve missed.

Green New Deal Virginia

Jolene Mafnas of Food & Water Watch Virginia joined our …

Plastic Free at the Grocery Store: 2020 Update

In 2018, 350 Fairfax member and Mothers Out Front Fairfax County co-leader Bobby Monacella wrote a thoughtful and detailed overview of how to avoid plastic waste when grocery shopping. Of course, for many of us, grocery shopping is a whole

Plastic Free Holidays: 2020 Update

Last year I wrote a Plastic Free post about reducing waste during the holiday season. Even though we’re all likely downsizing our holiday celebrations this year, most of these tips remain relevant in Covid times. And some of them are