On Tuesday, February 24th the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to adopt an amendment to the county’s solid waste management ordinance that would prohibit the use of plastic bags for yard waste.  A wonderful step in the right direction to end plastic pollution.

Plastic bags have contaminated our rivers, streams and oceans, polluted our air, degraded our soil, and caused havoc to our ecosystem. Plastics pollute, from the resource extraction of fossil fuels to the manufacturing to the waste at the end of its very short use.

In the past 60 years, which is how long single use plastics have become such a major component in our daily lives, it has caused untold damage to the environment.  It is long past the time that we need to stop the devastation that occurs due to single use plastics.

Several of our 350Fairfax members spoke up at the Board of Supervisors meeting to express their support for the amendment and in support of our environment. Others, called or emailed their supervisors showing their support. Thank you.

And, thank your supervisor for his/her support of this amendment.  The only board member who voted against this amendment was Supervisor Herrity, so we have many to thank.

—Helene Shore