Plastic pollution is a problem,
and restaurants can be a
big part of the solution!

We would like to recognize restaurants that meet our criteria. And we can offer some resources and motivation to get you there.

We believe that the money restaurants save by choosing to distribute less plastic will more than offset any potential increased cost in compostable or reusable alternatives. Please contact us for more information.

What We Can Offer

Let us publicize your restaurant or food establishment!

Via our web and email platforms, 350 Fairfax will reach out to eco-conscious consumers in Fairfax County to let them know about restaurants working to reduce their impact on the earth.

We’ll also post on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #EarthFriendlyFairfax.

Consider us your gateway to a previously untapped dining market.

Once we have a critical mass of restaurants on board, we’ll also write and send press releases to local media outlets advertising the campaign and the certified restaurants.

We have beautiful, eye-catching window clings for certified restaurants to post out front.

How We Can Help

Not sure how to begin the transition to sustainability? We’ve got you covered.

Start by getting a FREE Green Product Analysis from Acme Paper. The Acme analysis will show you how you might transition while keeping extra costs at a minimum. Learn more here.

Looking for a mentor that knows the restaurant business? The owners of these restaurants have offered their expertise:

  • Naked Lunch
  • Lost Dog Cafe
  • Clare & Don’s Beach Shack

Email us for mentor restaurant contact information.