Support an
Earth Friendly Restaurant
in Fairfax County!

Choosing an Earth Friendly Restaurant      Becoming an Earth Friendly Restaurant

Plastic pollution has become a crisis in our time. It affects marine life, wildlife, pets, and humans. Plastic is not biodegradable; it breaks down into tiny particles that attract toxic particles and are assimilated into our food chain. Less than 10 percent of plastic bags and bottles are properly recycled or reused.

The Earth Friendly Fairfax campaign is committed to addressing the causes of single-use plastic pollution in Fairfax County, Virginia, and to changing human behavior to reduce single-use plastic consumption.

Whether eating in or taking out, try a restaurant in Fairfax County that is helping our planet by reducing the use of plastic. We have developed a restaurant certification program based on the following criteria:

SILVER STATUS = 6 points

GOLD STATUS = 9 or more points

  1. Straws provided only upon request. (1 pt) Nonplastic straws (e.g., paper, hay, metal, or bamboo) provided only upon request. (1 pt)
  2. No plastic bags for takeout orders or leftovers. Paper or reusable bags provided only upon request. (1 pt)
  3. No Styrofoam (i.e., expanded polystyrene foam). (1 pt)
  4. Reusable utensils for dining in. Single-use utensils for takeout provided only upon request. (1 pt)
  5. Reusable cups and glasses for dining in. (1 pt)
  6. Reusable bowls and plates for dining in. (1 pt)
  7. Takeout containers are compostable, marine-degradable, or reusable. (1 pt)
  8. Customers are encouraged to bring their own cups and containers for takeout through incentives (e.g., discounts or rewards). (1 pt)
  9. Excess food is donated, composted, or sold at a discount. (1 pt)
  10. Recycling practices go beyond county requirements. (1 pt)