The 30-day 2021 General Assembly session starts today, January 13. And with only two weeks to hear bills in committee and on the floor before crossover, the House is starting hot.

We expect House Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee to consider HB1902 — the bill to ban expanded polystyrene, or Styrofoam, food and beverage containers—THIS AFTERNOON.

It’s time to pick up our phones and call the committee chair, Del. Ken Plum, and if your delegate is on the committee, call him or her too.

Styrofoam food and beverage containers are a major source of plastic pollution in our state, threatening our wildlife and waterways. Toxic chemicals from Styrofoam, a petrochemical product, can also leach into food and drinks, leading to increased rates of cancer, neurological issues, and depression in people with high exposure. And on top of all this, studies have shown that Styrofoam cannot be recycled in an economically feasible and environmentally responsible way. Read the full bill text here.

Call the Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee chair ASAP to express your support for HB1902. And if your delegate is on the committee, please call him or her NOW to urge support for these bills!


Del. Ken Plum (Chair) (804) 698-1036
Del. Wendy Gooditis (Vice Chair) (804) 698-1010
Del. Roslyn Tyler (804) 698-1075
Del. David Bulova (804) 698-1037
Del. Mark Keam (804) 698-1035
Del. Alfonso Lopez (804) 698-1049
Del. Kathy Tran (804) 698-1042
Del. Dan Helmer (804) 698-1040
Del. Joshua Cole (804) 698-1028
Del. Sally Hudson (804) 698-1057
Del. Shelly Simonds (804) 698-1094
Del. Rod Willett (804) 698-1073
Del. Nancy Guy (804) 698-1083
Del. Lee Ware (804) 698-1065
Del. Danny Marshall (804) 698-1014
Del. Todd Gilbert (804) 698-1015
Del. Charles Poindexter (804) 698-1009
Del. James Edmunds (804) 698-1060
Del. Tony Wilt (804) 698-1026
Del. Michael Webert (804) 698-1018
Del. Margaret Ransone (804) 698-1099
Del. Rob Bloxom (804) 698-1000

BONUS ACTION: If you’ve made your calls and you’re still pumped up, you can submit written testimony to be considered during the bill hearing. Use this link to submit written testimony.