We are a grassroots movement in Fairfax County, Virginia, challenging systems that lead to catastrophic climate change. Join us as we work with community members and elected officials to preserve environmental health, conserve resources, and promote social justice. Together with other local and national progressive groups, we will create a just and sustainable future for all.


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Plastic Free: Next Steps

The Plastic Free Challenge is over, so what do we do now? A couple of weeks ago, I was talking

Plastic Free with Kids

With Some Extra Effort, You Can Raise Kids without Drowning in Plastic It’s the last day of our Plastic Free

Plastic Free in Shared Spaces

Are you looking to make a Plastic Free impact outside your household? You can influence others’ behavior in many places,

Plastic Free in Restaurants

Anytime we head out the door, we bring our cloth bags, our reusable water bottle, and our travel coffee mugs.

Plastic Free Lunches

Easy, affordable ways to make your packed lunch waste free Single-serving snack packs, zip-top plastic bags, yogurt cups, juice boxes, paper

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